Latah Co. Youth Advocacy Council team up with Stinker Stores for Buzzkill Campaign

MOSCOW, ID - The Latah County Youth Advocacy Council is on a mission to prevent substance abuse among local teens, and their newest partner is a convenience store chain.

Reporter Tachel Dubrovin tells us about the Latah County Buzzkill Campaign.

The Latah County Youth Advocacy Council is made up of local high schoolers that chose to steer clear of drugs and alcohol.

"Alcohol can have a lot of negative effects on the developing brain," said Moscow High School Junior Erin Ingram.

"It's just unhealthy," said Potlatch High School Junior Savannah LeForce. "It ruins a lot of people's lives."

On Wednesday, a few of the local ambassadors met at a Stinker Store in Moscow to launch the Latah County Buzzkill Campaign.

"It's a campaign and a message that's really important to me," said Moscow High School Junior Luke Miller.

Stinker Store Retail Territory Manager Doug Smith said underage kids attempting to buy alcohol themselves isn't a huge concern.

"It's becoming less of a problem because our industry has really stepped up," said Smith.

"It's more they get people who are legal, they go out and have them buy it for them and they bring it back," said LeForce.

That's exactly what the Buzzkill Campaign is trying to prevent. The students put these stickers on the windows of beer cases to remind customers that providing alcohol to minors is illegal.

"We feel that we're the first line of defense," said Smith.

Latah County Sheriff's Office Patrol Sergeant Douglas Anderson said providing to minors is a crime called procuring, and it could cost you.

"They can be charged with a first time misdemeanor, which is defined as up to a thousand dollar fine, or a year in jail if they're convicted," said Sergeant Anderson. "Second time would be a felony."

The stickers are small, but the message is clear Serve under 21 and the party's over.

"You can have fun without drugs and alcohol," said LeForce. "I mean, there's so many different things you can so and that's what we're about, that's what we try to do, give kids an alternative."

The Buzzkill Campaign will soon be visible in 68 Stinker Stores across Idaho, but the Moscow store off Highway-eight is the first to launch the program.