Latah land amendment changes acreage parcels from forty to ten

MOSCOW, ID - The Latah County Commissioners unanimously passed a set of amendments to their land division regulations that will make it easier to divide large parcels of land.

The new amendments allow existing parcels in the agriculture and forestry zoning districts that are at least ten-acres to be divided once, while the old regulations required at least forty-acres of land. In Tuesday night's public hearing, many rural Latah County residents supported the amendments because they believe it will make it more affordable to buy land.

"This decision will have a direct impact on not only my family, but on a lot of families like mine that are trying to decide where to raise their kids," said Latah County Resident John Gehring.

Moscow's City Council submitted a letter of concern, saying that more land divisions on the outskirts of town will lead to small residential plots that could interfere with economic development as the City expands. The commissioners agreed that there have been a lot of complaints about the old regulations, and that the new ones are a fair compromise.