Law enforcement officials testify on third day, Charles Capone's murder trial

MOSCOW, ID - Prosecutors continue building their case against a Moscow man accused of murdering his estranged wife Rachael Anderson in 2010.

Thursday, several law enforcement officials were brought to the stand and forensic evidence was presented. Captain Dan Hally from the Asotin County Sheriff's Office said Anderson reached out to him for victim advocacy advice six days before he found out she went missing. He said he perceived Anderson to be upset and very scared for her well being. When he learned of her disappearance, he called upon his constituents and told them this was a serious situation they all needed to take seriously.

There have been several searches during the last several years, but Anderson's body has never been found. Two pieces of evidence presented Thursday included a spot of blood on a piece of paper found on the floor of the last vehicle Anderson was seen driving, and the tip of a black glove, also found in the same vehicle.

We'll have much more information on today's (Thursday) testimony tonight at 11