Law enforcement plan extra patrols to curb aggressive and impaired driving

LEWISTON, ID - Crashes are the number-one killer of Idahoans between the ages of four-and-44, and at least 53% of these crashes were a result of unsafe driving, but Nez Perce County Sheriff's deputies are trying to change that.

The Idaho Transportation Department is teaming up with local law enforcement to curb impaired and aggressive driving.

"When there's more patrol that is visible, yes it does curb it," said Nez Perce Co. Sheriff, Joe Rodriguez. "But we do have unmarked vehicles such as the one I drive and I have taken action."

The state funded grant makes it possible to have extra patrols out on Idaho's roadways from May first through the 15th.

"You have officers dedicated solely to that so your not tied up with any other thing that happened during the course of your day," said Nez Perce Co. Sheriff's Office Deputy, Colby Martin. "You're strictly focused on traffic."

"You have a holiday that's coming up on Memorial weekend," said Sheriff Rodriguez. "You have another holiday that people don't know about which is May fifth which is Cinco de Mayo and you're going to get more people on the roadway that are impaired."

Nez Perce County Deputy Colby Martin said he'll be looking for those tell tale signs of unsafe drivers.

"Obviously you're looking for speed, people going well over the speed limit," said Martin. "I'm looking for what they do as far as there way of travel. Blinker use, break use are they slamming on their brakes? I look for slow drivers, people driving way under the speed of travel. That might show some form of impairment."

The heavy presence of law enforcement will also come with a valuable lesson or two.

"We need to educate the public that we need designated drivers for the roadway," said Martin. You know having this drivers license is a privilege, it's not a right."

The extra enforcement efforts don't stop with Nez Perce County. Lewiston Police and Idaho State Police plan on having extra patrols out as well.