Law enforcement ramp up patrols looking for aggressive drivers

MOSCOW, ID - Latah County Sheriff's deputies and Moscow police are teaming up for special safety emphasis patrols.

Both agencies will have extra patrols on the streets until the 18th. They're working with the Idaho Department of Transportation with a goal of preventing anyone from dying on the roads.

"We'll have extra officers on the street in addition to our regular shifts," said Moscow Police Lieutenant, Paul Kwiatkowski. "So we might have two or three more officers out during a date looking specifically for people not wearing their safety belts and aggressive drivers."

According to Idaho Transportation leaders, last year there were nine deaths results from car crashes in Latah County, one of those in Moscow. They said proper seat belt usage may have prevented some of those deaths.

Aggressive driving includes thing like speeding, tailgating, not yielding and not stopping. Last year in Idaho there were more than 12,000 accidents caused by aggressive driving, with 84 killed in those accidents.

Lieutenant Kwiatkowski said the focus of the campaign is to educate people, especially the ones they pull over for aggressive driving.