Lawsuit threat stops Asotin Co. collecting unpaid stormwater fees

CLARKSTON, WA - The Asotin County Commission made no motion in relation to a stormwater collections agreement following a threat of legal action.

Last week, the commission spoke with Regional Stormwater Coordinator Cheryl Sonnen about hiring a collections company to take delinquent residents to collections. According to the Asotin county superior court clerk's office a lawsuit has not been filed at this time, however a letter was sent to the commission notifying them of imminent legal action.

"We will be delaying the possible signing of the collection agreement with that firm we mentioned last week until we have a chance to consult with the attorney," said Asotin Co. Commissioner Brian Shinn.

All calls by KLEW news were forwarded to Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jane Risley who was out of the office Monday. Audience members last week and this week voiced disapproval of paying for the program because they argue Asotin county has an arid, desert-like climate.