Lawyer amends Ten Mile Bridge lawsuit against Asotin County

ASOTIN, WA - Richard Eggleston is seeking further damages in his lawsuit against Asotin County regarding the Ten Mile Bridge.

Eggleston's Attorney Todd Richardson said they're asking a judge in Walla Walla Superior Court to amend their original suit and add further complaints. Richardson said they've submitted more public records requests in the past few months and have not received the information they've asked for.

"Once again they have chosen now to ignore the law," said Richardson. "And once again they have violated it. So now we're trying to bring that to the attention of the court."

Richardson said the judge can impose a fine of up to $100 a day, for every day that a public records request goes unanswered. The original suit tallies up more than 10,000 days of possible penalties, and the amendment would add 381 more days to the list.

Eggleston is suing the county, regarding public records requests concerning the Ten Mile Bridge, that were unfulfilled stemming all the way back to 2004.