Lazcano trial concludes with Councils' closing statements and Frank's testimony

COLFAX, WA - Thursday morning, Frank Lazcano took the witness stand for the first time in his own trial for the murder of Marcus Schur.

"I see this often in my head," said defendant Frank Lazcano. "This, I will never forget."

The defense made it clear that Frank originally lied to investigators to protect his brother Daniel.

"You know, he was the good kid," said Lazcano.

"The favorite son?" asked public defender Steve Martonick.

But when put under oath, Frank's testimony was that on December 27, 2011, Daniel was the one who drove to Malden, the one who brought a gun in the car, and the one who shot Schur.

"I heard shots, and I seen shots, and I see Daniel, and I see Marcus," said Lazcano.

Frank said that after that, he ran down the alley to see if Schur was alive.

"Didn't see him," said Lazcano. "So I was like, OK, well, he missed. Alright. And then I kind of hear some like thrashing around."

Frank said that he pulled Schur away from some bushes and watched him die.

"He was looking into my eyes when he died," said Lazcano. "Marcus looked away from me, and Marcus was gone."

Frank than said that he and Daniel loaded Schur's body into the truck of the car.

"Daniel helped me, grabbed his legs, threw him in," said Lazcano.

Like Daniel, Frank admits to improperly disposing of Shur's body. However Frank claims they never had any intention of killing Schur over the robbery. But in council's closing statements, the state argued otherwise.

"Did Daniel intend to kill Marcus when he drove around back, while his brother in the front?" said Prosecuting Attorney Denis Tracy.

The state said that the brothers planned to trap Schur, whether they intended to kill him or not. And that they kidnapped Schur because he was alive when they put him in the trunk.

"Marcus Schur was alive when he got stuffed into that trunk," said Tracy. "It is important that he bled his life away over the next seven to eight minutes."

But the defense said that if Schur appeared dead, there wasn't a kidnapping.

"If he lost consciousness and appeared dead, there's no kidnapping," said Martonick.

The defense asked the jury to hold Frank accountable for his part in the murder, but not for Daniel's part.

"Frank's been held accountable for Daniel for most of his life," said Martonick.

The jury will meet Friday morning to begin deliberation, and KLEW news will continue to keep you updated on the case.