LC Animal Shelter accepts 24 lost dogs from over 4th of July

LEWISTON, ID - The fireworks that lit up the night sky during the fourth of July, also tends to ignite something else...fear into animals.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio learns how a local shelter is dealing with an influx of strays following the booming Independence Day celebration.

"We love taking care of them and we're happy to be here for them but our goal is to get them back home," said Lewis Clark Animal Shelter Kennel Manager Calandra Collins.

More pets go missing around the Fourth of July than any other holiday, and this year is no exception.

"Fireworks for animals is like they're in a war zone," said Lewis Clark Animal Shelter Director Donna Duffau. "They can't see where the guns are going off, and it's like 'boom' so it freaks them out."

More than 20 strays are at the shelter because of fireworks.

"It is typical at this time of year to have more strays than adoptable," said Daffau.

"If this has happened in the past, if it happened this year, it can happen again," said Collins. "The Fourth of July, the nice thing about it is, you know it's coming. No matter what you know it's coming so make sure you take the proper precautions."

However, the Lewis Clark Animal shelter would not let KLEW shoot footage of the 24 strays, or post pictures of them on their own website. That decision is to the benefit of the pets' owners.

"We don't want their animal to be identified by a non-owner, somebody who is looking at something that they would consider desirable to own and they're not really the owner," said Daffau.

Nevertheless they're looking for you.

"We check Craigslist, which is above and beyond what their job requires, Facebook and then we try to match that up with any lost reports or found reports we get," said Collins.

Despite the holiday coming to an end, fireworks are still being lit off, which is why it's important to make sure your pets remain in a secure location.

"I would recommend for owners whether it's a dog or a cat, put it indoors in a room that's secure, turn on a radio, turn the music up so the booming is going to be less loud," said Daffau.

The Lewis Clark Animal Shelter receives animals from Nez Perce County, Tribal jurisdiction lands, Lewiston, Clarkston, Asotin County and City of Asotin.

All the dogs shown in this story are up for adoption. However, if you're missing a dog we encourage you to go out to the shelter and take a look. Dogs are held for about six days before they are brought up for adoption.