L.C. Chamber of Commerce wants Idaho to set up health insurance exchange

LEWISTON, ID - Chairman of the Board of the Lewis Clark Chamber of commerce Sherri Skalicky said she's concerned about the people of Idaho after the legislature failed to set up a health insurance exchange.

Skalicky, along with the chamber of commerce are in support of the exchange and are hopeful the legislature's decision can be rectified so that the federal government won't have unprecedented control with the people's health care.

"Now we are in jeopardy of of having an exchange we really don't want, or isn't going to meet the needs of the state, of the citizens in this area," said Skalicky.

The Supreme Court upheld the health care reform law Thursday morning which among it's many promises, provides affordable insurance for millions of low and middle-income Americans. However, those states without a health insurance exchange, which is set to regulate health care plans, will require the federal government to set it up for them.