LC student spearheads LC Valley Veterans Wall at Granite Lake Park

CLARKSTON, WA - A group of Valley veterans and their supports are working to get donations in order to build a veterans wall in the Clarkston.

The wall would be built at Granite Lake Park, right behind the Quality Inn. The group doesn't have enough money to begin building quit yet, but with 400 names already on their list, they hope to start the process this summer.

LCSC student Anthony Diliberto said at this point they have enough money to start building the outer structure of the wall, but still need donations to fund the rest.

"This is the only way we can really support our veterans," said Diliberto. "The main reason I wanted to get involved is because I can't offer my services to go out there and fight for us, but this is something that I can do. I hope everyone else can help donate some money for it."

Anthony gave a presentation to port leaders this week and they all expressed strong support for this project. If you're interested in donating visit their website http://www.lewisclarkvalleyveterans