LC Valley 9-11 Procession Route

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Every year people line the streets to pay tribute to the lives lost in the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001. "Since the 9/11 attacks we've been doing a memorial procession where we go by every station here in the valley,” said Asotin County Fire District #1 Chief Noel Hardin.

Local first responders form a silent procession. "We go clear across the valley, we start in Asotin, go through the Clarkston heights, into Clarkston and into Lewiston, and this year it's a little bit different that we will end up at the Lewiston fire department,” he said. In previous years there has been a ceremony following the procession, but this year they will lower the flag at the Lewiston Fire Department.

"We thought if we were able to do a bigger ceremony on the 5 years marks it makes it more special, and brings it to light more," Chief Hardin explained.

But every year they will continue the tradition of the silent procession, "In the off years we will continue to be doing the procession because we certainly want to keep that going each year, because we said after the attacks that we will never forget, and that's why we continue to do this each year."

And Chief Hardin just asks one thing of people here in the valley, and that is so remember, "If you want to stop by one of the fire stations that's in your neighborhood and come sit with the firefighters as the flag lowers and the procession goes by or anywhere along the route, and just be there. It means a lot to us to have people just standing there and showing their support."

The procession begins at 5:30 p.m. in Asotin.

Procession Begins in Asotin

Left onto 13th St.

Left onto Peaslee

Left onto Rankin to 6th Ave

Right onto Reservoir Road

Scenic Way to 15th St

Right onto Elm Street

Right onto 5th Street

Right onto Chestnut to 6th St.

Cross Southway Bridge

Right on 4th Street

Left onto Burrell Ave

Right onto Thain

Left onto Grelle Ave

Left onto 16th Street

Left onto Burrell Avenue

Right onto Thain

Northbound on Thain Grade

Northbound on 21st Street

Left onto G Street

Procession End

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