L.C. Valley Black Friday shoppers seek out holiday bargains

LEWISTON, ID - Thanksgivings come and gone and for many that means bearing the cold weather for Black Friday's hot deals.

It's Black Friday and with Christmas just around the corner the "shop now, sleep later," mentality, fills the air.

"I never went to bed," said shopper Brad Hendren. "I shopped at Walmart at 3 a.m. yesterday and haven't been to bed yet."

"It's worth it to me," said shopper Kristie McDaid. "You get the deals, and Christmas shopping done and I'm about done."

There was a wait for some shoppers at Costco Friday morning, who's doors opened a quarter to nine, but the cold weather and the chance of getting run over by a shopping cart didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirit.

"It's just fun, getting out and mingling in the festivities." said shopper Charlene Pelton.

"I got four kids," said shopper Dan Kingsborough. "Got to get what we can get and stretch it the best we can."

The feeding frenzy kept the parking lots packed and the bags full at both the Clarkston Costco and Walmart stores where the popular items appeared to be in the electronic sections. But for others, just the simple savings were worth losing sleep over.

"I ended up spending $500 in Walmart just now," said shopper Martha Barnes.

"I found some bedding and a couple stereos, and stuff that the kids can't see on TV," said Kingsborough.

Despite the unknown chaos of Black Friday, there's one thing for certain.

"You save a lot of money," said Pelton.

"Save money, see what the deals are," said Kingsborough.

"Save money, get good deals, and help my family," said Barnes.

"It's worth it," said Hendren.