L.C. Valley Chamber supports City of Lewiston's financial decisions

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewis-Clark Valley Chamber of Commerce has taken a stand against those advocating against the city's current financial decisions.

"There isn't one city in the state of Idaho that doesn't do this," said City of Lewiston Mayor Kevin Poole.

Those are the words of Lewiston Mayor Kevin Poole when asked about the practicality of transferring funds internally from one account to another to accommodate spending for emergency use or cash flow issues.

"A lot of folks have said they want the city to run like a business and that I think is the reason the Chamber of Commerce took the step they did to support the city in opposing this initiative," said Poole.

"I understand the initiative and I understand the want behind it and I can see that in some situations," said Lewis-Clark Valley Chamber of Commerce Chairman Sherri Skalicky. "But I really feel that our city does a good job with our funds and I think the governmental affairs and the board of directors does to and that's why we're saying to vote no for the initiative."

If the initiative were approved, the City of Lewiston wouldn't have the ability to adjust their finances during the year with internal savings or reserve funds. Taxpayers Against Unfair Taxation Chairman and initiative campaign committee member David Estes said although cities around the nation continue to raise their fees as a way of taxation, it's time Lewiston stopped.

"It's disingenuous," said Estes. "You're lying to the public, basically you're saying we're collecting money for water, but you're not using it for water."

"This is a very poor idea," said Poole. "It's not thought out well and I think the folks that are behind it haven't anticipated any of the unintended consequences and in Mr. Estes own words, they really don't care."

"We're just simply saying to the people who are leaders of this city that they be honest with the public," said Estes. "Don't try to use deception, just tell us what you need and budget for it."

"I don't feel that those restrictions are necessary for our city," said Skalicky.

The initiative will be decided during the upcoming general election on November 6th.