LC Valley crime increases during the holidays

LEWISTON, ID - During the holidays it's very easy to forget some of the basic safety precautions against theft when you're busy completing last minute shopping.

Although we would like to think that holidays are all about peace on earth and worldly joy, the ugly truth is that theft happens more frequently during this time of year. Captain Tom Greene of the Lewiston Police Department said that there are many things we can do to deter thieves.

"Keep things out of sight," said Greene. "Covering them on the floor of the car with a blanket or in a trunk. Most of our theft occurs when they've just broken out the window out of the car or the car has been unlocked."

Authorities also suggest that you park in a well lit area and be aware of your surroundings. If you become a victim of theft or witness suspicious activity make sure you report it to your local authorities.