L.C. Valley residents show their patriotic spirit at Veterans Day Parade

LEWISTON, ID - It was a celebration of red, white and blue as Valley Veterans marched the streets of downtown Lewiston in their stars and stripes and forever patriotic spirit.

The same spirit that so many attendees showed in support of their service.

"I like to honor the other veterans from the military," said Mark Sprute.

"They're fighting for us and if you've ever been in the service, you appreciate them," said Mary Bonson.

And appreciated they were, as hundreds of community members crowded the sidewalks to show their support.

"We need to acknowledge the sacrifices that many of these people have made," said Richard Eggleston.

"It helps teach our young ones about the pride and dedication that we need to maintain with our nation and our country and our families," said Sprute. "And to honor other people who have given a considerable lot to maintain a free United States."