LC Valley superintendents' report average school enrollment numbers

LEWISTON, ID - School is back in session in our region and the kids are back in the classrooms.

KLEW News learns more about how tentative enrollment numbers are looking for this year and why an increase in students is so important.

Both the Independent School District #1 in Lewiston and the Clarkston School District are flooded with kids Wednesday, as the school year kicks off. And according to both Superintendents from either district, enrollment numbers are hitting the expected average.

"You get dollars for every student you have enrolled in the school system so we're really curious and very interested in our enrollment especially as the beginning of the school year starts," said Clarkston School Dist. Superintendent Darcy Weisner. "We have a projected enrollment of 2,550 students."

Both school districts have relatively the same amount of students as last year, which doesn't necessarily hurt the districts but doesn't bring increased funding either.

"As our enrollment increases it does help our funding from the state," said Lewiston Asst. Superintendent Lance Hansen.

"If we have more students it's actually a benefit to the school district so we can provide services and maybe even hire more staff and do some things that we wouldn't have been able to do," said Weisner.

However Clarkston and Lewiston both saw substantial increases to their kindergarten programs.

"This year we've added approximately thirty additional kindergarteners," said Hansen. "This fall we opened up an additional section."

The preliminary numbers for both districts can still change as more students enroll or others drop out.

The districts expect to have hard figures by the beginning of September.