L.C. Valley veterans motivated to vote

LEWISTON, ID - Veterans and the patriotic duty to vote go hand in hand.

Reporter Whitney Hise learned what issues motivated local veterans to cast their ballots.

"The country's in a mess," said veteran Gene Hatfield.

An extraordinary price has been paid by military personnel and veterans who've fought to secure our freedom to vote. It's a price that many veterans said should not be taken lightly.

"Freedom is very precious, and freedom is not free, you work very hard for it," said veteran Merlin Hepler.

"My one vote may not count very much, but collectively it will," said Hatfield.

Although many people vote for different reasons, there's one thing local veterans agree on... they're proud they have a voice.

"I'm concerned about the way things are going and I don't want things to go the same way for another four years," said veteran Francis Boyes. "I want to see a change for the better."

And change starts with a single vote.

"Why is this year any different than any other year?" said Hepler. "It's been important every year I've voted."

"Everyone needs to vote every time there's an election," said Hatfield. "That's the only way anything will ever get done I hope"