LCSC distributes email as security measure after attack on student

LEWISTON, ID - Security at LCSC is investigating an incident of concern after a female student reported that she was violated by an unknown man.

Walking alone at night can be a scary prospect for many, that fear allegedly turned into reality for one local woman on the night of February 27th on the LCSC campus. A student at the college reported that she was violated by an unknown man.

"The man approached her and made some inappropriate comments to her," said LCSC Director of Communications Greg Meyer.

After that the man allegedly forced her to touch him inappropriately.

"At that point she told campus security that she reached for some mace that she was carrying and that the man walked away at that time," said Meyer.

The issue of campus safety is now of obvious concern to those on campus in light of a school wide e-mail that was sent out to all LCSC students, staff and faculty.

"The determination was made that it warranted an e-mail to the entire campus community, students, faculty and staff in accordance with our timely warning policy," said Meyer.

LCSC offers security on campus and school officials said that they do their best to make sure these types of incidents are not re-occurring, and that their students feel safe at all times.

Some students on the LCSC campus had very limited safety concerns.

"It's a really calm environment and there's lots of people around," said LCSC student Alyissa White. "I don't ever feel like I'm alone really."

"There are of course times during night when it can get a little iffy," said LCSC student Brent Fry.

While the incident allegedly happened a week ago, security was not made aware immediately, and unable to interview the woman until Sunday afternoon. We asked why Lewiston Police was not contacted about the incident immediately.

"The alleged victim decided not to file a report with Lewiston police, so LCSC security is handling it," said Meyer.

Lewiston Police Captain Roger Lanier said there are many precautions one can take to prevent themselves from becoming a victim.

"Stay on some of the lighted paths, there's pretty good lighting in most of the areas, particularly around the college campus," said Lanier. "Walk in groups if you can."

Campus security escorts are made available if you feel you need one.