LCSC explores women's issues during 'Women's History Month'

LEWISTON, ID - Are women's issues important to men? This is just one of the topics being explored during Women's History Month at Lewis-Clark State College.

This marks the sixth annual event, where professors and women's advocates give presentations on a variety of topics related to women's issues. LCSC Professor Doctor Louis Sylvester discusses gender inequalities, and why men often don't even realize the gap they're creating between men and women.

"We don't recognize what we're telling people," said Sylvester. "What is it to be a five-year-old girl and say 'Ya you can get to god just go through your man. Ya you can get a job maybe you'll make a good teacher or social worker, you know just something that doesn't pay a lot. I don't care what it is as long as it doesn't pay a lot."

A wide range of topics related to women's history will be discussed all month long on the L-C campus. If you're interested in attending we've posted the times and dates to our Facebook page. Just search KLEW News and like the page to join.