LCSC student enrollment numbers down three percent from last year

LEWISTON, ID - Enrollment numbers are down for Lewis-Clark State College for the fall 2014 school year, a trend that's expected throughout the state of Idaho.

The enrollment at LCSC down three-percent from where the college was last year at this time. Lewis-Clark Student Affairs Vice President, Andy Hanson said lower enrollment numbers were anticipated because students are now feeling the pressure of the higher education opportunity act of 2008, which turned the world of college and university financial aid upside down.

"That gives students fewer chances to make mistakes, that is to get bad grades or lower grades than they desire," said Hanson. "They can't draw financial aid as long as they used to be able to and we're seeing that, that's impacting the enrollments of a lot of our students."

Despite enrollment being down in Lewiston, registration at the Coeur d'Alene campus is up. The application deadline for LCSC is August 8th.