LCSC students concerned about recent act of self-defense at Gonzaga

LEWISTON, ID - Two Gonzaga students are facing repercussions after pulling a gun on a six-time convicted felon in what the students said was an act of self-defense.

Students at LCSC react to the school policy that's sparking national attention.

When 21-year-old Erik Fagan and 23-year-old Daniel McIntosh were faced with an intruder, they used a gun to scare the man away. But now the two Gonzaga University students are facing disciplinary actions. Probation for keeping a gun in their off-campus, university owned apartment.

"I think because the rule is already there, there's an argument for probation," said LCSC freshman, Jason Raymond. "But I don't know it just seems a little harsh."

"Those boys probably lucked out," said LCSC sophomore, Megan Weir. "Having that gun probably saved their lives."

Gonzaga University administrators announced Monday, they're reviewing the school's gun policy. Local students at Lewis-Clark State College can't have weapons on campus owned property either.

"Illegal weapons and firearms are not permitted according to our student code of conduct," said LCSC Vice-President Student Affairs, Andrew Hanson.

Sophomore Megan Weir agrees that following school guidelines is important. However in this case, she thinks self-defense is a right students have.

"As long as you don't have a criminal record and you can legally own the gun, it's your right as a citizen of the United States to bear arms," said Weir. "So you might as well."

LCSC also has off-campus housing the school owns. Vice President of Student Affairs Andy Hanson said they do what they can to keep students protected.

"Because we knew of the extra challenges presented by having a campus residence hall a few blocks away, we have made that focal point to really try and keep that place safe and secure," said Hanson.

Hanson said in addition to 24-hour patrols, the dorms have locks on all exterior entrances.

The two Gonzaga students are currently appealing probation.