LCSC students share thoughts at election viewing party

LEWISTON, ID - Lewis-Clark State College students and faculty gathered for a non-partisan election night viewing party.

People gathered in the Student Union Building at Lewis-Clark State College for a political viewing party. Everyone said they're excited no matter what the outcome is Tuesday evening.

"I think the election process is important and I like to be here around people that can talk about it and gain different perspectives from people that have different views," said student voter Trevor Memmott.

"It's pretty much in the dead heat of an election," said student voter Taylor Galusha. "First election I've ever voted in, I voted absentee last week. Just waiting to see the results as far as tonight goes."

"I am here because I care what happens to our country and I believe that this is a very important general election this year," said student voter John Williams.

Students were in and out and flocking around the TVs as they anxiously awaited the results.