Legalization of marijuana will have major limitations in city of Pullman

PULLMAN, WA - Tuesday night the Pullman City Council got up to speed on what Initiative 502 means for residents.

Police Chief Gary Jenkins explained to the council that as of Thursday, December sixth, people over 21 will be allowed to possess small amounts of marijuana, but the legislation has some major limitations. For example, a person can get a DUI for driving under the influence of marijuana even if their blood THC concentration is lower than the legal limit of five nano-grams per milliliter.

"If we found someone driving, and they were driving erratically, and showed impairment, even if they were below a 5.0, that's still DUI," said Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins.

Even though it will be legal to possess one ounce of dried marijuana, the Liquor Control Board has until December first of next year to adopt regulations for the production, distribution, and sales of it. That means that you can possess it, but it is still illegal to purchase. And there's still a zero-tolerance policy for people under the age of 21 to possess marijuana. Jenkins also mentioned that Initiative 502 had no effect on medical marijuana laws.