Lewis County Sheriff's Office Investigate alleged voter fraud in Winchester

WINCHESTER, ID - A reported act of voter fraud has shaken up a small, local community.

KLEW News learns more about the allegations and what the local sheriff plans to do.

For the small town of Winchester that has a population of roughly 350 people, every vote matters."

Especially on a year when there are only two city issues to vote on. So when Travis De Boer heard rumors of voter fraud he said he had to take action.

"That's one of the worst sort of crimes there is whether it's actually illegal or not doesn't really matter to me it's wrong," said witness De Boer.

De Boer said a report filed this week claims a worker at a residential care facility influenced voters. Lakeside specializes in care for adults with mental illness and developmental disabilities.

"Those people had been paid $20 a piece in order to motivate them to go down and vote," said De Boer.

"I was elected by the people of Lewis County to provide them the best law enforcement services," said Lewis County Sheriff, Brian Brokop. "And due to conflict of interest because Winchester is a very small community I want to make sure that this investigation is done at the most professional level possible."

In the state of Idaho you're qualified to vote if you're a U.S. citizen, 18-years-old, registered to vote and have lived in the specified region for a certain amount of time. The state Constitution also says developmentally disabled individuals have the right to vote unless limited by a court order. Lewis County Sheriff Brian Brokop said the investigation is still in the preliminary stages.

"The preliminary part has started but the in-depth will start sometime next week," said Brokop.

Brokop said no charges have been filed and it's possible no charges will ever be filed in this case pending the outcome of the investigation."

Repeated phone calls to Lakeside Care Center haven't been returned to KLEW News.