Lewiston AAA is holding annual Soap For Hope Drive

LEWISTON, ID - For many, collecting travel size toiletries from hotels and motels during your travels is a resourceful way to prepare for your next trip.

But AAA Washington wants to know, do you actually end up using them?

If you've got a lot of the mini-shampoos and lotions lying around, bring them them down to the Lewiston AAA for their annual Soap for Hope Drive. Washington's Eastern Region Public Relations Manager Cassie DeVaney said each AAA location in the region chooses what local organization they'll give their donations to.

"Our staff in Lewiston just decided that the YWCA is a fantastic organization that they know are helping the less fortunate in the community and they wanted to support that cause," said DeVaney.

Over the last four years that AAA has organized the drive, they've collected and donated more than 250,000 toiletry items for local shelters and organizations.