Lewiston City Council unanimously vote to continue EMS contract for Asotin County


For eight years the Lewiston Fire Department has been helping provide EMS services for Asotin County. Monday, city council heard from the fire chief about why they should continue this service. City Council considered renewing the agreement with Asotin County First District 1.

Lewiston Fire Chief, Travis Myklebust spoke to the council about the services they provide saying, they not only provide EMS services across the river, but those on shift aren’t exclusively in Washington for that time. He said they travel back and forth based on calls, and this has improved response times in parts of Lewiston as well, because of where the ambulance is stationed.

Fire Chief Myklebust said, "This is probably one of the biggest and best moves the fire department has made to improving the services to customers across the river, and in the city of Lewiston. Having that ambulance sit where it does further improve response times to Valley Vista, and the Elks area by over two minutes."

The council voted six to zero in favor of renewing the agreement.

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