Lewiston City Council votes six to one for approval of apartment complex

LEWISTON, ID - The landscape will soon look a lot different following the councils decision to okay a 120-unit apartment complex.

The Lewiston City Council will allow the construction of multi-housing apartments near the intersection of 17th Street and Stewart Avenue. Councilman Ged Randall opposed the development. He said it violates property rights of those living in the area, however the rest of the council disagreed and decided to uphold planning and zoning's decision.

"Is it the best place...well we can debate that until the cows come home," said City of Lewiston Mayor, Jim Kleeburg. "On the other hand we can also get down to a thing that's called property rights. When they buy a piece of property they have a reasonable expectation in developing that property and that's one of the rights were afforded in the United States."

The apartment complex passed in a six to one vote, with Randall as the lone vote against it.