Lewiston City officials amend old zoning code

LEWISOTN, ID - During Monday night's Lewiston City Council meeting a unanimous vote by the council amended an old zoning code.

According to City officials, the Nez Perce County Planning and Building Department has had to deny several building applications due to an outdated zoning code. In order to allow residents the ability to place detached accessory buildings in their front yards, the Lewiston City Council altered the zoning code for Lewiston's area of City impact.

"It was a good decision from the standpoint that the lots we were talking about are 20 acre lots," said City Councilor Dennis Ohrtman. "And it was so poorly written so it just made some good sense to do that."

No other zoning district has a rule in place that prohibits the placement of an accessory building in the front yard, which is why the Planning & Zoning Commission recommended the amendment.