Lewiston Fire Chief looks at lease-to-own agreement for property to build fire station


New information on the newest fire station planned for Lewiston and it’s a unique approach for funding the construction.

KLEW News Reporter Kaila Lafferty joins us in studio with details.

Chief Travis Myklebust has created a plan to lease the property to build the station. And that, he says, will lift the cost burden off of you the taxpayer, but that’s just one of the benefits to this upgrade.

Plans to replace Lewiston Fire Station 4, also known as the Airport Fire Station, have been in the works since 2009. With no major headway, Fire Chief Travis Myklebust has come up with an innovative idea….lease the property that the new station will be built on.

"The city does not own the property which allows a developer in who has the site that they can run the whole process through,” said Myklebust. “And then what the cities on the hook for is the lease agreement with those other figures."

The ultimate goal would be a lease-to-own agreement, and he says starting off with just a lease will save the city money.

"It's always the city's desire to want to purchase the station, but trying to save up funds and costs of construction as its gonna on go is gonna be an expense, and that's why we looked at this option as something to be a viable source,” said Myklebust.

This is what the new station would look like. The plan includes a new garage to house the trucks and equipment, bunk rooms for the firefighters on duty, and a fitness room.

But what Chief Myklebust says is the most important update, is the exhaust removal system that will prevent cancer down the road for their employees.

"My goal as a fire chief is when I leave that the members of the fire department will retire safe and healthy, and having a new station with exhaust extractors, and cutting edge technology, putting the beds far away from the bays, makes a huge difference in their safety,” said Myklebust.

Chief Myklebust says the lease to own agreement will enable crews to move into the new station a year from March. The city council will be discussing options at their meeting on the 27th.

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