Lewiston Fire Chief warning after two brush fires on Hatwai Road


Two brush fires in north Lewiston are a reminder of just how quickly a fire can start and move…the cause, a broken power line.

It broke out around 7:15 Wednesday night at Hatwai Road and 41st Street. When firefighters arrived, they found two separate fires burning under high voltage powerlines.

Firefighters knocked down both quickly. Luckily most of the grass in the area was still too green to burn, but Lewiston Fire Chief Travis Myklebust said soon that will change.

"Depending how the temperatures go normally we'll see about mid-July we'll start seeing the conditions where we'll start seeing the fires that will make a run on us,” said Chief Myklebust. “We've had a great green, wet spring, the fires are going to be very intense because we have a lot of fuel that it's going to burn on the ground."

Chief Myklebust said you can help prevent brush fires from spreading by keeping your weeds and tall grass grimed down, and properly dispose of the clippings. A pile of cut grass can spontaneously combust if left out in the heat.

You should also keep a defensible space around your home, Myklebust recommends 30-feet if possible.

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