Lewiston High School students react to Connecticut tragedy

LEWISTON, ID - The tragedy in Connecticut has far-reaching effects for all of us all across the nation.

KLEW News spoke with Lewiston High School students on Friday who said the massacre wasn't talked about in the classrooms but it was recognized at the end of the day with a moment of silence. Our Whitney Hise spoke with some of those students after school who shared the impact of the horrific events of the day.

"They had their whole lives ahead of them and they were cut short by some crazy murder," said Lewiston High School junior Cassidy Ravet. "He had no reason to go kill kindergartners through fourth graders."

"It's so unfortunate, I don't even know why or how someone could even think that that's okay to do," said Lewiston High School sophomore Sophie Boots. "They were little kids, why would you even decide you would massacre little five year old. I'm mad. It's very unfortunate that this had to happy."

"It makes me feel bad inside," said Lewiston High School sophomore Peyton Rinehart. "I have little brothers. That someone would do that is just crazy. To kill innocent kids, that just ungodly."

"It's just so sad, I can't believe that somebody would do that," said Lewiston High School sophomore Andrew Herein.

The students we spoke with were still very shaken by the events that took place on the other side of the nation, and we appreciate their willingness to share their thoughts as a part of the healing process.