Lewiston maintains Tree City U.S.A. status with planting trees on Arbor Day

LEWISTON, ID - The city of Lewiston now has a new addition to its landscape. Reporter Sophia Miraglio attends a tree planting ceremony on Arbor Day.

"Arbor Day it the only holiday that reposes on the future instead of the past," said Retired Lewiston City Forester, Phil Shinn.

Public officials as well as state politicians came together to plant a tree this Arbor Day.

Today at the Community Center we're just gonna plant this one but we're gonna go up to the Interchange after this and plant another five more in the ground," said City of Lewiston Forester, Riley Stark.

Which will bring the total number of trees planted this year up to 85.

"It is to the benefit of the community," said City of Lewiston Mayor, Jim Kleeburg. "The trees besides looking nice they also provide storm water relief. So it is important to have a healthy urban forest."

"Trees help to moderate the climate, make it a more pleasant place to live and they attract business to the downtown area and elsewhere," said Stark.

And the city of Lewiston has an abundance of them..making it a Tree City U.S.A. once again.

Lewiston has a 26-year history as a Tree City U.S.A.

It's a set of requirements that if a city fulfills they prove that they are conducive to the planting of trees and a city that recognizes the benefits of trees. It's important for us to maintain that status.

And that's exactly what they'll do.... making out of towners green with envy!

"We've attained that and I don't ever not see us be a Tree City U.S.A." said Kleeburg.

City Forester Riley Stark said he hopes to plant 100 trees this year.