Lewiston man shoots Pit Bull in self defense

LEWISTON, ID - According to the Lewiston Police Department, Elizabeth Taylor of Lewiston lost control of her canine while attempting to tie the dog up.

The Pit bull then ran across the 200 block of 24th Street North where Wayne and Teresa Adams were walking their dog northbound. LPD said that's when Wayne Adams grabbed his pistol and shot the dog.

"If you're in fear of your life, fear of your safety, and there is a well founded fear, you are able to defend yourself," said Lewiston Police Department Captain Tom Greene.

The Pit Bull was transported to the Lewiston Vet Clinic where it later died. Lewiston Police Department Captain Tom Greene said the canine was deemed a Level One Dangerous Dog in December of 2011 after he attempted to attack a woman, walking her dog, in the same area.

Taylor was determined to be the responsible adult party for the dog and was cited with Harboring a Dangerous Dog. No other animal or person was injured in the incident. Both Wayne and Teresa Adams have Concealed Weapons Permits.