Lewiston Mayor says initiative approval changes landscape of budgeting

LEWISTON, ID - The City of Lewiston will no longer be able to continue with some of its current financial practices after an initiative was approved by voters in Tuesday's election.

The initiative passed with more than 8,000 votes to the nearly 5,000 against. The initiative prohibits the city from adjusting their finances during the year with internal savings or transferring reserve funds from one account to another to accommodate spending for emergency use of cash flow issues, a practice that Lewiston City Mayor Kevin Poole said is a necessary practice.

"I hope it doesn't have as big of impact as I personally feel it's going to," said Poole. "But, I think it definitely changes the landscape of how we're going to budget and what we budget and where we're setting our priorities."

"The world's not going to come to an end as we know it," said Initiative committee member David Estes. "I mean they'll just learn to use their normal, ordinary budget for funding things."

Poole said the council along with city staff will make a decision within the next few weeks to either amend the initiative or fight it in court.