Lewiston Pistol Club fires back with appealing to the city council

LEWISTON, ID - A local club that started back in the early 1970's is being asked to leave.

Reporter Sophia Miraglio learns why some pistol-packing members are taking aim on a recent decision.

The Lewiston Pistol Club has been using the gun range located inside the police training center for more than thirty years. However that's all about to change.

"About three weeks ago I received a letter from the city police department giving us notice of eviction from the indoor range," said Pistol Club President, Adam McIntosh. "We're obviously not happy about this and wanted to get it on the agenda so we can discuss it among the council."

The local club has 189 people in it, and several of those members spoke candidly Monday night as a way to appeal to the council.

"It seems to me that their first step in the process is our removal," said Pistol Club member, Lonnie Dockter. "Are there not other preliminary steps to be taken for their planned remodel of the building on 16th Ave. Into a storage facility."

In exchange for a rent free place to shoot they've been required to maintain the building. But the Lewiston Police Department does not need maintenance they need space.

"Our evidence vault is near being full, we need the space," said Chief Orr.

LPD will change this area into a storage locker because of new state and federal mandates.

"We keep different types of evidence for longer periods of life, some for life," said Orr. "Also DNA evidence has to be stored, it was previously stored by the state it is now sent back to us."

The shooting range is believed to be the best location.

"The structure of the building is a cinder block building," said Chief Orr. "We can construct the room, that room where the firing range is so we can store evidence there, and meet the legal requirements and standards of accreditation."

Chief Orr said the defense focuses in on the collection, processing, and storage, of evidence during a court case. Which is why LPD is always cautious when it comes to their evidence lockers.

The council will discuss the matter further at their March 17th work session.