Lewiston Pit bull owner loses appeal for dangerous dog

LEWISTON, ID - The owner of a dog that was shot by Lewiston Police in the Orchards earlier this month lost his appeal of the city's decision deeming his dog dangerous.

Craig Pettit, 26, of Lewiston, along with more than 18 witnesses, gave their statements in front of an appeals board at the Lewiston Police Department. Pettit's mother, Kristie Heise said she was shocked when she found out, just hours later, that the appeal was denied.

"It kills me for people to think that he's a bad dog, and it kills me to think that people think my kid is just some thug that went out and got him some big, old, bad Pit Bull, when he rescued him from a party," said Heise.

Pettit's dog, Chance, was deemed a level one dangerous dog after he allegedly attacked Pettit's neighbor, Robert Clark, and then charged a police officer.

According to LPD the officer considered the dog aggressive and shot Chance just above his hind leg. Pettit must now comply with the city code and fulfill certain requirements in order to keep Chance. This includes purchasing a dangerous dog license for $100, posting a dangerous dog notice on his property, providing a secure pen for the dog, getting a $50,000 bond surety against any injuries the dog might inflict and $50,000 in home owner's insurance.