Lewiston Police Dept. has two job vacancies for entry-level positions

LEWISTON, ID - Have you ever wanted to be a police officer, but don't have adequate training? Well, don't count yourself out just yet.

The Lewiston Police Department is looking to fill two entry-level positions, which means no police experience is required. If hired, the department would pay for the new employee to attend the Idaho Post Academy and provide any further training. The base salary for an entry-level officer is more than $43,000.

"We're looking for people that want to help the community," said LPD Sergeant, Jeff Klone. "People that have a lot of commitment, because there's a lot of training involved.We've had really good luck when we did entry-level testing a couple years ago. So we're just encouraging anyone who thinks they want a fun exciting career to apply with the Lewiston Police Department."

To apply you can go to the City of Lewiston's website or to City Hall. All applications are due by May second. Testing will start May 17th.