Lewiston Police need help identifying burglars for string of car prowls


Police need your help to crack a case where burglars broke into several cars in one Lewiston neighborhood, and the entire crime was caught on camera.

KLEW News Reporter Shannon Moudy is here now with more.

The burglaries happened in December in a one-night string of car prowls on Meadowlark Drive in Lewiston and it was all caught on camera.

Tonight detectives are releasing the video, hoping someone will help find the suspects.

At just before 1:00a.m. on December eighth, a hooded figure approaches this car on Meadowlark Drive in Lewiston. Within seconds, he’s inside. This caught on camera burglary is just one of many in a rash of car prowls that all occurred that night.

A homeowner’s surveillance camera caught the three male burglars in the act. Here you can see their vehicle, a white or light colored Nissan or Ford Ranger pickup. The suspects all wore hoods and are hard to identify, which is why Lewiston Police want you to take a good look. Maybe you’ll be the one to help crash this case.

If you have any information on this case, contact Lewiston police at (208) 746-0171.

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