Lewiston Police Officer under investigation for alleged sexual misconduct

LEWISTON, ID - A veteran Lewiston Police Officer could be de-certified due to misconduct, meaning it's possible he will no longer be able to serve as a Police Officer.

Rick Fuentes who's been with LPD for seven years is under investigation following misconduct during a Halloween party.

Hearing officer Jay Rosenthal from the Idaho Police Officer Standards and Training program, or POST, wrote in a letter to the department that the misconduct involving Fuentes and another female officer at the time warrants de-certification. The misconduct according to the document includes unwarranted sexual acts performed in an elevator.

Lewiston Police Chief Steve Orr disagrees with the recommendation.

"Quite frankly I'm very big on accountability and accountability starts here from the top," said Orr. "We hold people here accountable for their actions. If I felt that de-certification was warranted I would have requested de-certification at the time of the initial investigation."

According to the document, this is strictly a recommendation and not final action. The letter also states any party may petition for reconsideration within 14 days of the service date of order.

According to Orr the former female employee has not filed a lawsuit against the city.