Lewiston Post Office celebrates 150 year anniversary

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston Post Office was commemorated Wednesday as many local officials and residents celebrated the service's sesquicentennial.

"The oldest known form of communication on the Idaho territory was mailed on this spot right here where I'm standing," said Sesquicentennial Liaison Steven Branting.

The Lewis-Clark Chamber of Commerce hosted the 150th anniversary celebration of the Lewiston Post Office. The sesquicentennial commemoration event featured a variety of honored speakers to speak about the historical importance of the local postal service.

"The Post Office opened for business July 25th, 1862," said Bennett.

Master of Ceremonies Jim Bennett and Sesquicentennial Liaison Steven Branting gave the historical context to the event. The earliest physical description of the location for the post office dates from March 1871, between Main street and D street along First.

The first postmaster Almer Lawrence Downer was appointed July 15th, 1862 and opened the office shortly after. Idaho Lieutenant Governor Brad Little delivered his own appreciative thoughts to those officials who came before him.

"You know congratulations to Lewiston," said Lieutenant Governor of Idaho Brad Little. "As we look forward we should always look back. And remember what great things and what huge sacrifices they make."

Little said he's been traveling quite a bit to attend many similar commemorations.

"At this point in time in Idaho history, we're having a lot of sesquicentennial events," said Little. "It was a real sacrifice for those people when they came here 150-years ago."

After the event many audience members lined up to purchase commemorative envelopes and special postmarks that replicate the type of stamp used in 1865.

Those interested in purchasing commemorative envelopes can find them at any Owl Drugs and Rosauers sub-stations. All proceeds go to the Lewiston Historic Preservation Commission