Lewiston public pools price to swim may increase next year

LEWISTON, ID - A proposal to raise Lewiston City Pool rates is now headed to council.

The price to swim in the Orchards Pool and Bert Lipps has cost only a dollar-fifty since the summer of 2005. Parks and Rec Director Tim Barker said the council challenged them to decrease the difference between revenues and expenses, which is why a slight rate increase could be seen come next summer.

"Between Bert Lipps Pools and Orchards Pools were running at about $130,000 in expense, about $72,000 of that is from wages for staff and then our revenues have been in the past around $40,000," said Barker.

The biggest percentage increase would be for the daily swim at 25%. So instead of $1.50, it would cost $2 to swim. The first public hearing on this matter will be held August 11th at LCSC.