Lewiston Roundup changes spur more contestants than ever before

LEWISTON, ID - It's the time of the year for the Lewiston Roundup and crews are working tirelessly to make sure the roundup grounds are ready to go.

KLEW News learns more about the exciting new changes for the event, that's bringing in more competitors than ever before.

For some cowboys, Christmas is coming a day early this year.

"After today it's game time," said Lewiston Roundup President Willie Deibel. "So preparation is over and we're ready to rock and roll."

It's time for the biggest rodeo in the region, and this year, the Lewiston Roundup kicks off on Wednesday with the running of the Extreme Bulls.

"We have 473 contestants that are coming in here including Trevor Brazile," said Diebel. "It's going to be a great weekend of rodeo."

Deibel said the board made the decision to move the roundup back a day because of waning attendance numbers on Sundays.

"It comes down to dollars and cents for both the contestants and the crowds as the rodeo goes," said Deibel.

The Lewiston Roundup Royalty are also getting ready for a big change, as their reign comes to an end.

"There's only one event after this," said Royalty Director Rollie Thomason. This is their grand finale."

Thomason said the young women will work hard this week alongside the rest of the roundup staff.

"They'll be up at five in the morning and once the rodeos are done they probably won't get to bed until eleven or twelve at night," said Thomason.

So head on down to the rodeo grounds starting this Wednesday, for the best show of the summer. For the complete schedule for this week's events head over to for more information.