Lewiston School Board narrows candidate selection from five to two

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston School Board is one step closer to selecting a member to serve the district.

They held five interviews and narrowed it down to two candidates Tuesday night. The board interviewed five candidates looking to fill the position of Brenda Forge. The candidates were Staci Baldwin, Mike Lorenz, Johanna Strehle, Michele Rietz and Mark Havens.

"The mission here is to get to know you," said Lewiston School Board member Brad Rice ."We've got a series of questions and the way we will do this is I'll ask a question and then just go right down the line."

After the interviews, the top two candidates are Johanna Strehle and Staci Baldwin. A special meeting will be held later this month for the board to hand down its final decision. Whoever that is, will serve until 2015.