Lewiston School District Back to School Safety

LEWISTON, ID - The Lewiston Fire Department and Lewiston School District are getting ready for the school year.

They are working together to raise awareness about back-to-school safety since Lewiston schools are back in session on Wednesday.

The fire department will have fire trucks and ambulances placed at or near several school zones in Lewiston Tuesday. It's part of an effort to remind drivers to be extra cautious in school zones.

"There are a lot of kids who walk to our schools in the crosswalks and want to make sure there is a heightened awareness of the kids coming back to school this year," said Lewiston Fire Chief, Travis Myklebust. "We have a passion for making sure our public is safe and we want to ensure those students are getting to the building and they're able to get home at the end of the day."

Myklebust said they plan to expand this program even more next year and hopefully involve the Lewiston Police Department too. He said parents can get their kids prepared for walking to school by showing them the safest routes and making sure they know to look both ways before crossing.