Lewiston traffic accident causes damage to traffic lights

LEWISTON, ID - A traffic collision will force LC Valley residents to take a detour at 21st Street and Nez Perce Drive for the next week or so.

According to the Lewiston Police Department, the traffic controller cabinet was damaged after a traffic accident which caused $30,000 in damage.

Road crews have temporarily blocked areas of the intersection requiring all traffic on Nez Perce Drive and Nez Perce Grade to stop prior to entering 21st Street. However, all traffic traveling on 21st Street is allowed to pass through the intersection without stopping.

Drivers should be aware of speed reduction signs from 35 miles-per-hour to 25 miles-per hour and that all left lanes have been closed entering 21st Street, Nez Perce Drive and Nez Perce Grade.

Traffic signals and street lights will remain inoperable for up to 10 days.