Lewiston's Infrastructure Project Recognized


The city’s public works department is being honored for one of their largest projects to date. Lewiston Public Works was awarded “Project of the Year” by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of American Public Works.

The award honors the downtown Lewiston infrastructure repair and replacement project, which replaced century-old infrastructure in several areas of downtown. The project yielded new sidewalks, street surfaces, sewers, and ADA ramps.

"We think we saved quite a bit of money by doing all that utility work and the street all at once,” said Joe Kaufman, Engineering Project Supervisor. “And it came back that over the first 50 years after we install this new storm water system, that there's going to be $7.5 million less flood related damage."

Kaufman says this project couldn’t have been possible without the cooperation of several Lewiston agencies, and this is a shining example of a city working together for the benefit of the public.

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