Lewiston's public swimming pools can't open until required work is done

LEWISTON, ID - With the hot days of summer fast approaching, the city of Lewiston has to move quickly to get their pools compliant with state standards.

In order to open the Bert Lips and Orchard Pools, the city needs to spend about $30,000 to make them compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Lewiston Parks and Rec Director said the pools will open on time this year, however at the same time they're keeping their options open for the aging facilities.

"As we're looking to develop community park that's the one location were looking at potentially building a new facility if we went that route," said Lewiston Parks and Rec Director, Tim Barker.

Barker said if a new facility is built, it would be very different than the Asotin County Aquatic Center so it wouldn't compete. The pools are scheduled to open Saturday, June 7th.