LFD battle blaze that starts in shop on Linden and spreads to two shops on 14th St.

LEWISTON, ID - Three shops on two different properties are completely destroyed Tuesday night after a fire off 14th Street between Linden and Warner Avenue.

The Lewiston Fire Department responded to an outdoor garage fire. When they got there, three structures were engulfed in flames. They were able to stop the fire from spreading to even more buildings, but even this red shop that's still standing was destroyed.

"Total losses on everything you see behind me obviously," said Lewiston Fire Department Captain David Chenault. "This building behind me that's still standing will have to be torn down. It's structurally unsound. It's a big dollar loss."

Firefighters are still looking into what caused the fire, but Captain Chenault said that it seems to have started in the shop with a Linden address, and spread to the two shops on 14th Street.