LFD gives homeowners three tips to prepare for a fire

LEWISTON, ID - According to Lewiston Fire Department Fire Marshal Linda Steputat, more than 3,000 people lose their lives each year from house fires.

She said with fire prevention week just around the corner, it's important that people are informed in case a fire strikes.

"Smoke alarms have been shown to save lives, if they're properly installed and properly maintained," said Steputat.

Fire officials encourage everyone to do three things in preparation for a fire.

One: Test your smoke alarms; make sure there's one alarm in each sleeping room and outside all sleeping rooms in the hallway. There should also be an alarm on each floor.

Two: know two ways out of your home.

And Three: Practice getting out of your home using all the different ways previously identified.

The Lewiston Fire Department invites you to contact them with any questions regarding fire safety at 743-3554.